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    • FISCAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIE): Every person in Spain is assigned a Fiscal Identification Number (NIE) which is used for all tax returns and correspondence with the Tax Administration. We help you apply for this number.

    • INCOME TAX: Preparation and filing of the yearly income tax for the property. Payment of this tax is compulsory for all non-resident property owners.

    • REAL ESTATE TAX (LOCAL RATES): This tax is charged on all real estates in Spain, by the local authorities, on a yearly basis.

    • CAPITAL GAIN TAX: We provide consultant advice on capital gain taxes when you sell your property in Spain.

    • PROPERTY REGISTRATION: We register your newly acquired property at the Spanish property register.

    • NON-DEBT CERTIFICATES: Before you buy a property we obtain a certificate of the debt status (mortgage or debts) of the property from the property register.

    • PRIVATE SALE CONTRACTS & DOWN PAYMENT DOCUMENTS: We provide this service to any seller or buyer in a private deal.

    • CALCULATION OF ESTIMATED COSTS: A detailed chart of all estimated costs related to the purchase of a property in Spain.

    • FORECAST OF YEARLY EXPENSES: related to your property.

    • DEEDS: We prepare the deed, accompany you to the Public Notary for signature of the deed and provide translation services at the Notary.

    • POWERS OF ATTORNEY:If you are unable to be present at the signing of the deed, we can prepare a power of attorney for you to give representation to the person of your choice.

    • WILLS:Spanish wills simplify the inheritance process. We can prepare a will for your Spanish assets.